Wisdom of Kabbalah, part IV

5 lights of NaRaNCHaY
To understand Etz Khaim properly, we have to learn about five lights and related terms.

Kia (vessel) is our physical but also our spiritual form. Imagine it as an engine and imagine that ist fuel is a light (aur).
Kia in its basic stage cannot receive the aur directly from Creator because kia isn't pure enough, for that reason there is a collection of filters that reduces and adapts this light for kia.
These filters are: Worlds of AK and ABYA, sephirots, and five lights of NaRaNCHaY.

Five lights
There are five lights in total. Each light is result of each given filter but for ascension to be possible, each light also contains spark of the light above. Highest light in one sephirot contains spark of light from the sephirot above. For example the highest Aur of Malkuth contains spark of lowest Aur of ZA. This is also a reason why lower sephirots contain fragments of higher sephirots: through the light.

What NaRaNCHaY stands for?
NaRaNCHaY is a short of names of lights:

Nefesh is the lowest Aur in the sephirot and Yechida is the highest one with spark of Nefesh of next sephirot.

When we ascend through all lights, through all sphirots and through all worlds, we will be able to obtain the whole light from The Creator, this light is called Ein Sof Aur.
This state is commonly called Salvation, Reunion or Samadhi.


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