Oath Breaker: Priesthood


Priesthood nowadays is a term exchangeable with clericalism, but in Magick the priesthood means still the same thing. Adept* of Magick should take a role of priest and do common actions associated with priesthood: Blessings, exorcisms, healings, confessions listening, public service and at least 1 month each year, during this time the adept should follow a simple set of rules to remain pure.

Rule #1: No exceptions

Whether a person in need is of opposite religion than you are or a complete skeptic, there is no reason to avoid your duty, you should also be able to pray in any holy house whether it is church, mosque, pyramid or ancient temple. If you do not believe in God then you can pray to and bless through divine force or whatever sounds appealing to you.

Rule #2: No anger

I personally hate this rule, no matter whether someone just stomped on your foot or burned down your whole house, there is this "no anger" rule and whenever you start having any kind of anger symptoms, you have to immediately banish them by sending blessings to the person that is causing you the trouble.
The blessing can be as simple as saying "May God bless you" with the cross gesture or as complex as a complete 2 hours ritual (be creative).

Rule #3: Nobility

No vulgar words, no curses, no paid occult related services, priesthood must be executed nobly and for free. You also must dedicate yourself fully to the priesthood, even if just for that one month per year.


Priesthood is categorized as one of the Greater Oaths, that means the successful execution and finishing of the priesthood will greatly improve your willpower, cleanse your astral body from any external influences and improve your personality (rule #2 is great anger management exercise). Priesthood is also one of very few oaths that also increases your spiritual authority, that will be fully apparent even after finishing the first priesthood cycle.


Definition of Adept in this article is a bit different than what you usually consider an adept to be. Modern definition is a person that is very skilled in occult phenomena, an enlightened person if you wish, definition used in the article is the older one: Adept is a person aspiring to the next degree in Magick.


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