Charging sigils

This is one of the most active topics in Sigil Magick: How to charge sigils properly. There are various death postures, breathing and meditation exercises, even drug abuse. Reason is to enter the gnostic state to quickly charge it. Then you usually have to quickly forget about the sigil and its purpose not to interrupt work of your unconsciousness.

Lazy charging
This is my personal approach I have developed over the years based on works of Spare, Frater UD and even Patrick Dunn. Partial influence also came from my original system of choice, Enochian Magick.

Everything is in mind
Most important thing you have to understand is that route for success and route to failure is heavily based on your mind. Your tastes and also your expectations are limiting factors. Esthetic feeling is also very important, I am going to present my approach but make sure to modify it or use different approach if it doesn't suit you. Feel free to experiment.

What do we need
First of all we will need one complete sigil created from clear intent. Next part consists of creating formula for the sigil. I have already described creation of formulas in "Magickal Formulae" article so feel free to use any of these methods.
I will just note here that one method you can use. Take your intent (eg This my will to obtain strength of the tiger) and select important keyword (Obtain, tiger, strength). Then reverse these words and modify them so they are easily pronounced, you can also omit repeating letters.
The result could look like this: Niatobah Reget hatog nertas.
As you can see you can also split words into more, add more letters, etc, be creative.

Place sigil in front of you. Relax and take few deep breaths to clear your mind and gain focus. Place your hand above the sigil, palms facing to the center of the sigil. Make sure your hands are in position that still allows you to see the sigil.
Start chanting the formula. Experiment with your voice, someone has better effects with quiet repetition and someone needs to yell it, you can also try throat singing or repeating the formula solely in your head, be creative.

People usually ask me how many repetitions should be made, I say there is no limit. You can repeat it till it feels right or till you get tired. You can also repeat this charging for a couple of days or when it gets fulfilled (in that cases you do not need to forget about it).
Once you perform this ritual, your mind makes association between the sigil and the formula, so you can place it elsewhere and charge it "remotely" (In fact the paper drawing is just reference point, not the magickal quality itself). This means you can also boost the charging by repeating the formula before you fall asleep.

How do I know that I chose the way to create/chant formula that suits my needs? First of all, it will be pretty easy for you to remember the formula.
Secondly you will have a lot of mysterious experiences during the chanting (Immediate loss of time perceptions, visual hallucinations regarding flashing orbs of light, strong hissing sound, acoustic hallucinations, etc).
And thirdly: your results :-).


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