Leashing your desires

What are desires
Desires are great thing. Some of them can easily overgrow you and become demons (bad habits). Whether we talk about smoking or masturbation (overgrown sexual desires), these can be easily commanded.

Projecting the desire
First thing you have to do is to wait for the desire to manifest. As the next part you should make the desire external (project it in front of yourself).
Think, how would the desire look like when it was an entity? In this point you might also get some sort of a vision, eg sexual desire can look like small fat nasty man with perverted smile.

Getting upper hand
Once you got to this point, you have few options. You can eg banish the entity to make it lose control over your body. Or you can bind the entity into prepared custom sigil and power word, creating a servitor. Or you also can emit it into the absorption sigil to get rid of it forever.

Archetypes of desires
Human behavior does not change a lot during ages, we have some desires that are natural for us. Let's take a look at our little perverted guy, such servitor is good for creating strife, eg to attract a partner. But most importantly, this desire became so usual and manifested as demonic force so often that it created its own archetype, in this case, Ashmodai, the demon of fornication.



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