Crystal statue exercise

It's strange how memory sometimes works. I used this exercise a long ago but totally forgot about it. This is the best available exercise to increase amount of energy your body can hold, improving your health, getting some quick results and it's also actually harmless.
That can sound like a common thing, but experimental energy work can actually be dangerous, not harm threatening, but it can cause digestion problems or fever.
The exercise (procedure)
Sit in a comfortable position with straight back. Relax your body, but remember keeping your back straight. Take few deep breaths, during each exhale your body and mind are more and more relaxed.
Close your eyes and visualize your body being hollow and made of crystal (or any transparent material).
Now, for each inhale, imagine white light energy filling your body, and being there.
Repeat inhaling and visualization till you want.
The exercise (explanation)
By relaxing your body and your mind you lower the noise of the physical reality, allowing you to focus more on the Astral level of your existence.
Visualizing your body transparent simplifies the visualization of it being filled with energy, same goes visualizing it being hollow.
Hollow body visualization also has another advantage as was explained to me by a fellow Magician. You don't want to focus on internal organs and physical body processes, take the body as a hollow vessel being filled with various energies, that will greatly improve the effects.
White light energy is a byproduct of Fire element (or Astral light).
It is also important not to force the energy to move into your body or within your body. Imagine the energy being sentient. Let it go where it wants to go. Take this exercise more like a form of invocation than anything else, or a form of prayer.
With this exercise you are actually "praying" that what happens in your visualization, happens on Astral level, as well, and the procedure can be easily perceived by clairvoyant eyes.
It can be a great advantage for this exercise to use pore breathing as described in Franz Bardon's IIH. In summary, during the visualization you do not inhale only through your mouth, but you actively use your skin's pores to inhale with your whole body.
Also try to prolong delay between exhales and inhales (both ways) and remember to keep your body relaxed and your back straight. You should also try to be still, without unnecessary movement.


  1. I must say, thank you for sharing this simple exercise.

    Due to school and life, I had to take a break from metaphysics/magick. So since it's summer I decided to come back to it, starting with energy.

    And this exercise gave me the quickest results in sensing energy than any other exercise I have found.

    Granted, I have absorbed white energy before. However, I believe it's the hollow body visualization that made it more effective, as well as cleared some pains I had due to yesterday's exercise.
    Instead of using pore breathing, simply because I do not follow the IIH, nor have I ever read it, I use belly breathing to get settled.

    Also, as a note, I've tried it twice and each time the darkness behind my eyelids lit up. I do not know whether is was due to windows and clouds outside or what. I'll still make a note again.

    Thanks for sharing. I'll definitely make a note of it for future reference. :)

  2. Ah, you are welcome. Hollowing your body during visualization is very important, as was explained to me by one fellow Magician that works as a biologist. As a magician, he said, you shouldn't care about internal body processes, you are fixing the problem from magickal, not physical perspective. :)


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