Arion Runes: Eh, Gibor, Results

Eh rune
During practicing eh rune, I had a feeling of "push", like some physical object was pressing against my left hand

Gibor rune
Energy felt like water, slowly flowing downward through fingers and through legs to the ground.

Results and overview
I have done a 18 days long experiment, one day for each rune. I have certainly felt different energies during the experiment and these energies were certainly external, not going from my body but rather through my body, which was very refreshing experience, especially because current energy-work methods are mainly internal based, often causing rather false biofeedback than any results.

As for results, I would say that one day for each rune was not enough, a week sounds more reasonable for perceiving these different energies and adapting my energy body to it. But generally I have become stronger, muscles didn't really grow, but everything now seems being lighter, easier to lift, easier to use, easier to bend. Overall I feel physically better.

I have also used one of the runic formulas a couple of times, Sig Tyr Sig Tyr Sig Tyr to bring me better outcome in certain situations, worked pretty good, maybe a bit better than Kubera mudra. I have also noticed that imagining hands forming the rune gestures works same as actually doing the gestures, I think it means that the association was made between the position of hands and the runic energies and this association can now be used through imagination.

Another interesting thing also happened, today during a visit in a bookstore I have found a book called Secret of runes, first thing that amazed was that runes on the cover were Armanen Runes (runes described by Frater Arion aka Franz Bardon), second thing was name of author, Guido von List, actual author of the runes. I am going to read the book during my spare time but currently I should focus more on my current project, making the rapport with Marbas.


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