Karmic retributions

The theme of karma seems to be reappearing lately. The western idea is that good deeds bring good to the life and bad deeds bring bad to the life.

Western understanding is based on the concept that there is objective good and objective evil, that there is objective morals and universal justice. I am personally more inclined to believe that morality is subjective and that these retributions happen based only for this subjective morality. Do something against your better judgement and you will be punished, but what if this better judgement takes killing and stealing as good deeds? Then the idea of objective punishment falls apart, doesn't it?

No, there still is an objective retribution, but based on subjective criteria. It is more oriented in a sense of whether you believe you did good or bad, so we could say the judgement is based on your conscience.

It is also good to say that not every event is based on this retribution, random stuff hapens most of the time, hence why good people suffer bad fate, they didn't do anything wrong, it's just the Chaos out there doing Its usual job. The problem is that karma lovers usually don't see this as they are living in their own box where everything is perfect, reasonable and well deserved. I also believed that the universe is fair, and in fact it fair is, it is as random to you as to anyone else. Some people seem more lucky but the luck is a very windy thing, quick to leave. Everybody has problems and that makes it fair.

Cheer up, Chaos also allows you to influence your everyday's deal or reality, that's when Magick comes in handy. But you have to be able to use this gift, you have to practice, not just read about it.


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