Available for download

Magickal curriculum is now available for download at "right here"

Just click the link, let the PDF to open and then in the upper left corner press the download button.


  1. Awesome Frater!

    The imagination exercises is awesome!

    My question Will it take a couple of months or half a year till fully master till I fully master visualization since it's the only I haven't mastered.

    I can relaxed at will, I can focus thru what I call "soft awareness", I can even silence mind... if I have the motivation. But visualization... meh! I can visualization my chakras when I'm doing chakra pranayama but... magical visualization... zero!

    Ah... what the heck! Lemme try your imagination exercises so that I could really practice magick! I'm tired of wasting my time.

    1. Hi Stephen,
      The visualization skill a heavily depends on the individual, have you considered trataka practice?

      I am currently working on a simplified version of the curriculum for those who do not have enough time for the actual curriculum.
      The draft describing trataka can be found here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0ByGAi4hoZRlwS3RZeU9fTVlRSDg/edit?usp=sharing

    2. Thanks for helping a bro in need. I'm sorta started doing the same thing too. Yeah... I'm using a tabata timer android app... yes the timer for workouts as an meditative aid. A 4 sets of 2 minutes gaze then 30 seconds visualizing seems to do me good. I was doing it with a solid object. Athough... I'll give yours a try! Thanks again. :)

      Yeah I'll try to read more of your book to find gems that I could use in the future!

      Bless you bro!

  2. It work! I forgot to tell you I already did months of After-Image training a la Paschal Beverly Randolph style on "Paul Allen's Franz Bardon Research Page".

    I made it last two minutes I think... but it lasted a long, long while that I did it only once it sort of freaked me out in a good way since I haven't done the eyes-closed prior. So just keep at it huh?

    Yeah... I sorta had snippet of a daydream after I woke up... It was sort of a clear-image. I guess it's kinda working.

    I guess I kinda have an ability visualize... just didn't know it. I'll keep at it. I'll try on visualizing on objects, people & guide imagery in the future after I get used to this method.


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