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Well, a lot of stuff, actually. First of all I am happy I published the first part of the book about tarot. Firstly because I have some recent achievement in terms of publications and secondly I can start writing something else and get back to it when in mood.

Also in two days my vacation starts and because I have been slacking physically for a few months now, I plan to be very hard at myself for next 3 weeks (my vacation time) and get solidly ripped. In the mean time I also want to start working on some other book, either a Sumerian spellbook or a book about sigil magick (specify in comments if you care).

I am also working on an essay about atheism and why it is a belief like anything else (might take some time before I publish it, I want to make it as clear as possible).

I am not also going to publish the first level of my game as I promised earlier this year, simply because my computer is too old to handle the graphics and the development is too slow because of that (I am going to buy a better PC next year).


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