About atheism

What is an atheism?
Based on the definition atheism is a belief that there is no god, but generally this belief states there is nothing paranormal, everything that exists can be observed, measured and reproduced. [1]

Pros of atheism
Atheism gives a very good and solid logical foundation based on research and experimentation. It also states how to use a cold logic where most people would let themselves be deceived by the heart.

Cons of atheism
Atheism, as any other belief, states itself as the ultimate truth (or at least through the mouths of many dogmatic atheists found on the internet, this of course doesn't apply to everyone), so there is a great factor of ridiculing other beliefs.

Proof based thinking
An average internet atheist will tell you that there is no God as there is no proof for one and if we want to prove there is something more, we have to provide evidence for it.  Atheism didn't provide any evidence that there is nothing outside this world, but they are right the weight of evidence lies on those who claim something exists, not the opposite. The sad part is that our evidence is either ridiculed or stolen.

To give you an example outside the common "scientists showing data regarding parapsychology are discredited", let's take a look at placebo, as placebo comes from our practices. This effect was firstly ridiculed as a total nonsense, just later when people found out that placebo really works, they officially adopted it, then there started claiming our practices are just a placebo.

There is no thing as "just a placebo" The placebo is a very strong effect [4] and while many of our practices rely on it, we can still be proud for using it effectively (and for discovering it first). It shows how strong the power of the mind over matter is. It also shows how many vaccines were "just a placebo" in the past. Vaccination nowadays is used in comparison with placebo to assure there are some real effects just beyond the placebo effect. [4]

"Gold"-en opportunity
Gold is a very amazing metal, every alchemist will agree with me. In the "ancient" past this metal was used by us for curing many illnesses (usually taken per-orally). Funnily enough, science has found this method is quite working, they just avoid it for side effects of the metal poisoning, but what is the most interesting part?

Science found that golden mixture is more effective via an injection into muscles instead of receiving it by the standard way. The joke is no one knows why this is working, no one exactly knows what could a gold do to cure anything. [2]

Gold has an amazing charge that cannot be measured by mundane means, and Magicians using gold for healing, usually charge the gold even more, beyond its standard property, that's why the gold was always so respected among healers, even when taken in the less effective way (by swallowing).

The tea way
Many of us can attest for great benefits when it comes to drinking a green tea. We all know that green tea is healthy and by drinking it our sicknesses have much smoother progression and we feel healthy much sooner. Unfortunately once again we do not know what a green tea actually does or how, 
simply because it doesn't contain any active substance that would be responsible for strenghtening the immunity system, there is literally no curing factor when it comes to the physical contents of the green tea, yet we all are pretty sure it works. [3]

Power of new belief
Of course the rise of atheism created a new worshiping on its own, science. Whatever is science is true and whatever is outside science is false. This does indeed have some positive effects, for example you take your painkillers and your headache is gone in matter of minutes (sometimes even seconds), even when the drug itself will start having any real effect in about 20 to 30 minutes. [4] But you know what? That's great. It's great that a modern medicine is so trusted that placebo effect actively helps with the healing process, we as occultists love it :).

Problem arises when we use placebo (or anything that could be labeled as one). For example when a former pope blessed a nun with Parkinson that got magically cured [6] (these are called miracles in the church). Many people reacted to this as it was "just a placebo". Well, it's true that Parkinson's disease is psychosomatic in its base so it is very effectively cured with placebo, but whether this miracle was caused by placebo or not, it prove that we are more effective at it. We do not need to give you fake pills (made of sugar) or give you drugs that will start working after the actual effect already took place. We can use placebo with greater effects just with the use of words, gestures, and a good deal of faith (in anything one would or could believe).

Dark side of science
Magick and generally occultism has a very bad credit due to the great amount of charlatans hiding in our communities, based on them we all are judged. The thing is that science has charlatans, too and there are as many of them as in occultism [5]. If you don't believe me, think about how much money goes into research regarding green energy, recycling, bendable phones... despite the fact that there are other underfunded fields of science that would put the money into greater use, than a paper plate that can fall apart in the environment and a plant will grow out of it. Now I am not speaking about parapsychology, seriously people, let occult alone, it is happy where it is. Money should focus more on the research of our universe and new ways of producing energy without current mainstream dogmatic beliefs about "green", using mercury for solar panels and "green" light-bulbs is not green at all.

Many people believe, that science turned into pseudo-science with the arrival of Drake's equation [5].

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