Sigil and Law of Attraction Contradiction?

I have recently found this amazing thread on reddit:

The OP was:
Hey guys,
I'm new to sigil's manifesting, and one thing that is confusing me a little is the final part of the sigil process, after energizing you are supposed to forget the sigil. Doesn't this contradict the Law of Attraction, where you are supposed to non-stop visualize your desire, non-stop until you have what you want? Am I missing something here? Any thoughts?

And of course, a totally amazing response from PsychopompPoet:
Law of Attraction says if you are a vibrational match to "I want", it's a close vibrational match to "I do not have". If you are 'forgetting' the sigil, detaching from lust of result, you are less of a vibrational match to "I want" i.e. "I do not have" (you cannot be a vibrational match to abundance and lack at the same time). So you burn it, forget it, and fill your time with focusing back on your True Will, and you sort of know in the back of your mind, "I did everything I can do. Now it's out there." and walk away without looking at the explosion

This reponse quite nicely summarizes why I stopped using THIS MY WILL, I WILL or I WANT as the beginning of my desire statements and started formulating my statements as if they were already true.


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