Book of Sigils: Still in progress

Yeah, so I have somehow underestimated the amount of work needed to finish the book. One of the reasons is I somehow misplaced the original Astro Magick Essentials document so I have to rewrite all Magick squares from zero.

So far I have finished the book cver art and most of the illustrations including Nine Chambers sigilization methods. What I still have to do is to make an example of use of Nine Chambers, then example of the pictorial method and aforementioned Magick Squares. I have chosen to depict the traditional squares in the book, for my modern version check Astro Magick Essentials.

There is also a weird problem with the current release of LibreOffice where it cannot generate the Table of Contents properly. I have already found a workaround on this problem where you first export the document to Microsoft Word file format which should fix the internal XML and allow LibreOffice to generate the Table of Contents but I have yet to try this solution.


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