Interesting experience

So, I have already started working on planetary servitors I have mentioned here:

Yesterday was my first day so I have started with Moon (generally the week here starts with Monday so I am just following the cultural convention). I've gotten some interesting visual imagery but nothing out of ordinary, that was supposed to change today.

Today I have worked on creating a servitor for Mars. I created a very decent seal right on the first try, derived the name from it and started with focal meditation while vibrating the name (silently, I was in the bus at the moment). A feeling of immense heat followed this process and I got a very good feeling about this.

Then, after I left the bus I lit a cigarette like usually, thinking about following days when some gypsy came to me, asking me for a cigarette. I have handed him a cigarette. He then took some perfume out of his bag trying to pursue me to buy it. I suddenly yelled back at him "I will light you the cigarette but fuck off with this" which obviously shocked him as he certainly was bigger than me and didn't expect such reaction. So, I lit him the cigarette and he immediately left, while I stood there with a feeling of victory. I would say this spirit will be very helpful for empowerment and argumentation.


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