Ouija troubles

So, many of you might have noticed the picture of a custom made ouija on my twitter account. I have created it for a entertainment purposes (for that is what Ouija really is). First day I have used it with my wife, an old "friend" reappeared, a spirit that was the reason I started with the occult to begin with, to get rid of it :-D.

My wife then had the usual nightmarish dream, next day our animals were agressive towards her, etc, usual stuff.

On the second night we were contacted by another spirit that seemed to be troubled by the same "friend" of ours and wanted to ask for help, we also get a date since when our "friend" should exist, 1879. I promised I will do my best but then something unexpected happened, I did the Sacred Chamber Ritual while my wife was hugging me. Next day the Ouija didn't work. I have originally thought it is because of the Hexennacht, but even a day after it didn't work. Question is what happened, maybe the ritual has some banishing quality I am unaware of, or maybe there is some strange astrological current that currently blocks the communication.


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