Sacred Chamber: Replacement of the Qabbalistic Cross of Light

Stand still and take few deep breaths.Visualize about 1ft wide orb of white light about 1 or 2 feet above your head.
Point at the orb with your index finger and say: "Crown above my head, Kether".
Visualize a ray of the white light descending through your body down to the core of Earth while guiding it with your index finger.
Say: "Kingdom under my feet, Malkuth".
Open your arms like you are welcoming someone and during opening your arms, visualize the ray of the light becoming thicker and thicker till it covers the whole room or space around you. During this say "Through the worlds".
When you are finished, standing with your hands wide open, say "Back to the Adam Kadmon".


  1. Neat! Something new. Bro... keep on posting awesome interesting stuff! I enjoy your post! :)


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