Art of Shinobi: Simple Protection Ritual


I made my mind to slow down during holidays and return to my old hobby from the childhood: ninjas. As an occultist I have found few jewels. These jewels certainly weren't created by ninjas, but they were extensively used by them, given by the time, place and tradition.

Kuji Kiri

Kyu - nine
Ji - syllable(s)
Kiri - cut(s)

Kuji Kiri is a simple ritual of doing nine cuts in the air with your hand, each of them being associated with one syllables.

Sorted syllables and meanings associated in Ninjutsu are:
RIN - power
PYO (or HYO or KYO) - energy channeling
TOH - harmony (with the universe)
SHAH - healing of self and others
KAI - intuition, sense of danger
JIN - telepathy, reading thoughts of others (can also be used for suggestion)
RETSU - control of space and time
ZAI - control of heaven and earth (control of elements)
ZEN - enlightenment

To say more of the syllables we would have to mention its chinese origin and I am not really a historian so let's just say that this kuji is a mantra that calls celestial forces to your aid.

How the cuts look like

Ordering of cuts is same as ordering of syllables: RIN, PYO, TOH, SHAH, KAI, JIN, RETSU, ZAI, ZEN.
Cuts are usually executed with a formed "fist" with index and middle fingers extended.


When cuts are made with your hand in the air or on the palm of the other hand, this rituals symbolizes banishing and protection.
When cuts are directed agains some object or symbol of the object, it adds a new meaning: gaining control of the object and banishing negative influences that could break the control. Similar technique was used by sailors, directed at the sea or the depiction of the sea to bring luck and protect from drowning or sinking.

Sigil charging

Kuji kiri can also be used for charging sigils:
  1. Create a sigil for you specified intent and place it on the wall in front of you at the level of your eyes.
  2. Relax your body and your mind till you get to the low trance state (you will hear a buzz sound).
  3.  While looking at the sigil, visualize your deed being accomplished. Visualize the process and also desired result of your spell
  4. Perform Kuji Kiri directed at the sigil.
  5. Forget about your intent and about the sigil, get rid of the sigil if that helps you or let it hanging there, effect will be the same, it will just take more time.


  1. Hey bro,

    Do you just perform this... drawing it in the air and that's it?

    Do you this in all four corners, below and above too?

    1. I usually get into the low trance first (buzzing sound) and during performing the cuts I visualize them as white light.
      Doing it into 4 directions might be better, but I usually use it when I am already in bed and lazy to stand up, so I am directing the cuts only up.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. I guess it's enough to draw it in one space... since it's a different system.


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