Magick in modern society

What Magick can offer nowadays
Magick, as a predecessor of science has formed the world and due to this influence our society is in its current state. Neither science nor arts would form this way without Magick. Astrology gave birth to mathematics, geometry and astronomy, alchemy developed into physics and chemistry, spiritual practices were the roots of psychology. But can Magick withstand the age of technology?
Let's say that you own a house, a car, two TV sets, newest iPhone and quite a sufficient wealth. Still there is something missing in your life, you just don't know what, you cannot name the feeling of emptiness. If you want to understand this feeling, you have two possibilities, either psychology or magick.
In case of psychology, there is a discipline called experiential psychotherapy, which can help you to grab and understand unclear emotions and feelings. In case of magick there are various meditations and introspections exercises. Both these fields allow you to accomplish self-understanding plus self-realization.
Study of history and psychology
In case you are aspiring historian or psychologist you might be interested what magick can offer you in the sense of information. Diving into traditional grimoires can help you explore mindset of the time. What people really wanted but were usually scared to admit it publicly. Grimoires were worth a fortune few centuries back, the reason was it offered something people really wanted. Enjoy the study and discover archetypes that follow the mankind since always.
Study of astronomy or mathematics
Here I recommend to go to the roots, the astrology, learn about 12 basic star signs surrounding us and about the movement of planets, about the transition between these signs. Do you eg know why your zodiac sign is Libra or Virgo? When you were born, the Sun was between the Earth and the star constellation of the zodiac. This is true each and every year on your birthday. Same applies to mathematics, making astrological horoscopes manually will learn you how to count, as for some aspects you have to calculate the exact location of your birthplace to the zodiac signs and planets at the time of your birth. This gives you access to the houses, 12 regions of Earth based on the time of the day.
Same applies also to chemistry, alchemy will help you with the basics and you will also learn how to spare some time by using alchemical symbols in your reports.
As we said in the beginning, magick can help you with self-realization, just like psychology. But the main difference is that Magick is not limited, psychology is mostly just a lightweight version of magick, using just what seems sane as opposed to using the full potential of occult practices.
For example meditation in psychology is based on relaxation and imagination, you won't find any energy accumulation or invocation in psychology.
But to be fair, experiential psychology offers a limited version of evocation, conversations of two chairs, to sum this technique up, there are two chairs in the room. One is yours and one is empty. You sit down on your chair and you imagine yourself on the other one with some aspect you hate on yourself and you criticize "you" for this aspect. Then you switch places and you speak from the position of the other "you" and you speak about how you feel about the criticism, you keep switching places and debating regarding the aspect you want to change.
Self-realization by occult means
As we said, you can use Magick for self-realization, but not only by changing yourself and aspects of your self (as in psychology), but also by changing your environment (reality manipulation).
Magick can make your life easier, you just need to get courage and grab the power that is yours, accept who you are and unleash power you were born with, that is all :-)


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