Weekend trouble

During Friday night we attended occult meeting here in Prague. After that (the very next day) we had to get home. Some funny stuff happened during the trip back home, for example one of our traffic connections, namely train, got delayed by 2 hours.
To get home earlier I created a Sigil and during casting I recalled it's May and I am supposed to use only Necronomicon related stuff. Because I didn't have Necronomicon with me at the time, I started with general evocation of Necronomicon spirits (no names, no preparations, etc) and asked these entities to help me with the outcome of the Sigil.
The delay on the train didn't improve, so we chose another train, which didn't stop in our destination. During the trip I got a call from my father that he is currently in the city we were heading in and if we want to take a ride home, this is how Sigils work time by the time :).


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