Recent black mirror experience

On Saturday I had few drinks with my former apprentice and suddenly an idea came to the mind to relive some of the past. I took my old black mirror, wiped away a notable amount of dust, quickly recharged the mirror and we started the work that consistent of focusing on the center of the mirror while trying to have no thoughts.

In some cases we were completely in sync, our eyes started watering at the same time, we got numb at the same time, but it was also interesting how our internal symbolism changed during a time. For example when I have seen a very thick and oily black fluid nearly overflowing from the rim of the mirror, my "co-worker" had seen a giant eye coming out of the mirror. Yet things like speed, direction and sometimes even a color of things like swirls, orbs and flashes were the same for both us.

After the session I had a very long abstract dream with a great deal of detail so I have decided to continue with experimentation on Sunday and even when I was interrupted just 5 minutes after the beginning, yet another beautiful detailed dream emerged that night.


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