Chi Kung experiment: Day 3 and 4

So, yesterday I failed a little as I didn't manage to do Tao Yin exercise, but I finally figured out why I was getting dizzy during Jin Guang (I originally wrote this as Tin Kuang). The thing was that I misinterpreted the description in the book and was inhaling the Chi into the whole body instead of "just" the Dan Tien. I fixed this misunderstanding and the exercise works great now.

I have also tried the method of sending Chi into arms from Tao Yin during the massage and the effect was very impressive, a clear crack sound in my wife's shoulder was very audible during a massage, turned out she had a problem with the shoulder for a couple of days and the massage fixed it.

I am also messing around the idea of sending Chi to the knife's blade during my throwing sessions. The blade does resonate with Chi and after hitting the wooden plank it does act a little bit differently (it shakes for about 10 seconds), but it doesn't go deeper.


  1. Frater, I don't know how else to contact you. I am in week 1 of your curicullum and my main objective is to communicate with my HGA as I complete the whole curriculum. But the process of finding and communicating with the HGA is not mentioned there. How do I communicate with my HGA other than performing abramelin operation?

    1. Hey Josh, There are various ways of communicating with the Holy Guardian Angel from evocations up to simple dowsing. Brian O. Hodapp in his book about Magick Mirrors speaks about creating a separate mirror for this very purpose and instead of using black color, he dyes it in violet color (if you meditate you probably know which color I mean). Btw, I am on FB, so you can add me there :).


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