Chi Kung experiment: Day 2

So, a second day of Chi Kung experiment is over so let's sum the day.

First of all, I have to admit I really like the feeling right after the Tao Yin exercise. The whole idea of cleansing the energy channels (meridians) and then getting in more chi is very interesting. I also like that Tao Yin is really a meditation exercise, buzzing sound (Nada) and vision of a color appearing out of nowhere and then disappearing in the middle is part of the experience. This is something I always missed in Five Tibetan rites, they are great for cleansing and physical exercise as well, just the meditation part seems to be missing (at least in my experience).

Tin Kuang exercise today made me a little bit dizzy, hard to say why. I either overdo the breathing or doing this exercise in a moving vehicle is not a good idea, but hell, if I can do pranayama in the bus, tin kuang should be no problem either.

Other exercises
I was a little bit ahead of myself today and wanted to add more exercises to the list. Specifically Yen-Chi (swallowing of Chi), Pi-Chi (holding of Chi) and Nei-tan (microcosmic orbit). I think I have to take things nice and easy at least this week, keeping just Tao-Yin, Tin Kuang and Tao Chi (basic chi breathing exercises). But I do plan to use part of Tao-Yin wisdom for massages.

Quick note
I should check where the name meridian comes from because it seems in Chinese these paths are called simply Ting.


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