Chi Kung experiment: Day 5 up to 7

Well, sorry for a late update, had a little busy weekend.

First of all I have to say I found a mistake in the experiment. What I have considered to be my Tantien was in fact Shenjue, another energy center. The mistake was simple to be made as it is said no one can really tell you the exact location of the Tantien except you and Shenjue reacted very strongly during preliminary exercises to find the Tantien.

Well, so that has been fixed.

As the next part I have added Yen-Chi (swallowing of Chi) to my daily routine. During the weekend I have also used Pi-Chi (holding of Chi) as my lovely wife has prepared a surprise kitchen reconstruction for me which consisted of moving everything outside of the kitchen, getting rid of the old floor, re-filling the gaps between tiles, getting in a new linoleum, painting the walls and getting all equipment back in. We also had to use the new kitchen desk so once again I had to cut out the hole for the kitchen sink... Pi-Chi allowed me to carry objects way more easily so later that day I have decided to test it on my way stronger friend in arm wrestling, first before and then after using Pi-Chi. Well, I lost both times but he admitted the second time I put up a little bit more of a fight.

Well, today I am going to add Neitan (microscopic orbit), at least the most simple version of it to the daily routine, right after Tao-Yin and I will probably finish it with Shou-Kung. In the book by Scott Shaw it is said that you should do the Shou-Kung exercise after each Chi Kung session to make the effects more stable.


  1. Please suggest a book about Chi Kung

  2. Hey, the book I am using is Chi Kung for Beginners by Scott Shaw

  3. it is good
    please share :d
    i can not find it;
    i can not buy amazon; Because international payment system in our country is not active

    And do not allow shopping
    thank you :d


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