Chi Kung experiment: Day 16 up to 28

So, my Chi Kung experiment is over so it's time for some conclusions.

The most practical technique
The most practical technique I have found in Chi Kung would be Pi Chi. The ability to send more oxygen to the muscles is truly useful when you need to move stuff around, plus if you know how to draw energy out you can also use Pi Chi for some basic healing.

The most rewarding technique
This one is actually a set of techniques, Tao Yin. If you really want to experience Chi Kung, go for this exercise. It helps you to cleanse your body, remove blockages, get into meditative state of mind and draw in more Chi, needless to say that physical exercises and massages that are part of Tao Yin are also beneficial.

I have to say I have enjoyed this experiment, a lot.

First of all there are clear similarities between Chi Kung and my favorite mesmerism. For example somnambulic subjects often see energy leaving the body through finger tips. In Chi Kung there are energetic paths called meridians that lead to the finger tips. Another common exits are through ears, nose, mouth, eyes and feet. These are also accounted for in Chi Kung.

Secondly the idea of getting used to inhaling through nose and exhaling through mouth is simply clever. You learn to draw energy in with your mouth shut and draw energy out through your mouth. Then a simple trick to conserve the energy is of course breathing through the nose or finish the exhale through the nose while energy is still within your body (basis of Yen Chi).


  1. i am Practice Pi Chi
    it is very nice :d
    Alack! i can not find book
    i use google books :d
    thank you


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