Magickal wood cutting

I had to cut some very hard wood this morning. Cutting each piece was very time consuming and I quickly ran out of stamina.

After few pieces I went for a coffee and cigarette and to get some stamina back. During the break I thought for myself: "Screw it, I am Magician".

I went back, grabbed the axe, put it above my head and started with following incantation:

"O, Spirits of physical strength, I summon thee. Come to my place and charge this axe with your power so it can cut through wood more effectively. Come to my place and grant me strength.
Wood, be aware of the power of spirits of physical strength. Be aware of the power of this axe".

After that, cutting the wood changed into child's play. No matter how hard the wood was, few hits was everything I needed, hardly even getting wet.

In the middle of cutting, my girlfriend came to ask me if I was tired and found a good pile of cut wood. I asked her if she wants to try and she also didn't have any problem with cutting few pieces.


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