How to craft talismans/amulets


I think you all know it. Amulets for protection, talismans and lucky charms are the most favorite magickal items all around the world. Countless people make their fortunes by selling these on eBay.
My personal belief is that a real Magician and a real sorcerer should be able to craft their own items. From wand up to the lucky charm, these are items you might want to use in your everyday life, crafting own items saves money and helps to develop some skill. No matter to say that custom item will have some serious mojo, compared to those generics sold on the internet.

What we need

  1. Holder. Item created from leather, black silk or wood that will be worn on neck or somewhere near your heart as a container of the talisman.
  2. Pen and paper. Yes, we will use sigil as the mojo container :).
  3. Time to perform the Magickal part

Specify your intent

First of all, you have to specify intent of your accessory. For amulets you can use generic intent like “THIS MY WILL TO BE PROTECTED FROM ALL EVIL” or more specific one like “THIS MY WILL TO BE PROTECTED FROM TAXES”. Awaken artist within and he will lead to you success :).
In case of talismans, also we can use some generic intent, typically “THIS MY WILL TO HAVE SUPER LUCK” or, once again, “THIS MY WILL TO WIN LOTTERY ON SUNDAY”. Talismans are related to luck, success and achievements. For example you can create a talisman to get a raise and keep that talisman till its goal is completed.
If you are doing an amulet or talisman for someone else, make sure you modify the intent that they are considered. This is the main difference between crafted talisman and generics from eBay, by targeting one specific wielder, you enhance effect of the item.

Sigilize the intent

I believe there are enough materials on intent sigilization process that I can omit this part. In case of questions, ask :).

Charging the Sigil

When we have the complete Sigil, we should charge it. There are plenty of DEATH POSTURES and methods available on the internet to do this, so if you want to use those, use those :). I will describe one that uses the spiritual model.
First thing you should do is to center and ground yourself. That will help you to calm down and to connect to external source. After that is done, you should banish and cast a circle. After you are done with casting your circle, place your Sigil in front of you and start with following conjuration:

O, talismanic spirits I summon thee. Come to this place and breath a life to my unliving Sigil. Grant my wish and let the Sigil be living, I call thee in name of [deity of choice], come to this place and do my bidding”.

Now comes that nice time where you should stand still with closed eyes and “feel” those precious energies all around you. Keep doing so for couple of minutes.

As next part start talking to our Sigil, this is an actualization process:

O, my talismanic Sigil, who used to be a piece of paper. Life was put within you with help of talismanic spirits. Raise and be living. Act according to my Will and please me with results”.

Make a pause and “feel” the energies, once again, put a lot of belief into your doing :).

Ok, everything done. Send your thanks to talismanic spirits, to your deity, license them to depart, banish and open the circle. Put the Sigil into the holder and the whole process is finished.


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