Cause and effect

Time by time I notice some discussion regarding the topic of whether Magick is or isn't real.
This discussion is usually spiced up with a sad story of failed practitioner that "did his best" to practice well and still he got no results.

It's funny, but we pay and study hard to graduate school, we go to work every day to get money so we can pay our rents and afford some food and some comforts of modern society, still some people think that Magick is different. People think that you just come here, do something from the book and KAZAM, it works.

If you want to get anywhere in your Magick path, you need to fulfill following criteria:
1) Belief - Magick cannot work if you don't believe that it will, no matter how much you try
2) Dedication - Gazing into candle light for 5 minutes won't allow you to levitate cars, get over it.

I hope that I am doing my part for you to gain needed belief and dedication, by articles I write and by techniques and teachings I share. Just remember that reading isn't enough. You have to go there and practice. Magick cannot be just some "what if", it must become the everyday part of your reality, it must become as natural for you as breathing. And reason? Reason is simple, you cannot have something you didn't pay for.
Sportsmen and martial artists spend a good deal of their lives by solid training routine, going beyond pain and beyond their limits to gain their goals. Why do you think that the Magick is so different?
If you want to gain an ability to perform "miracles", you have to do something for that. It's this simple.


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