Oath breaker: Meditation


Meditation is very complex and beautiful topic. Unfortunately one bound with a lot of garbage. After all, it's a good business model to allow this knowledge only to those who pay well. But because there is no copyright about meditation, no one really can keep this knowledge for their own gain.
Some fragments of full meditation were already revealed, either by initiated or through revealed wisdom.

Many of you have already practiced with these fragments and had great results because even fragments of full meditation are powerful enough.

Today I am going to break one very old oath of silence and learn you something you would normally had to pay for, be guided into or had to figure it out yourselves.

What is meditation?

Meditation is a complex process of self-initiation and self-empowerment, many fragments of this sacred procedure were already published and made available to broader public. Practices known as focal meditation and void meditation are just pieces of bigger pie, mantras are just another way of focal meditation, but purpose stays the same.

How long time does it take to master meditation?

It is said it take years to master meditation and it takes a long time to get results. That basically applies just for individual fragments, when practicing meditation as the whole complex procedure, mastery can easily come in mater of months, minor results comes during the meditation itself and major results in couple of days.

I am not going to reveal all effects to spoil it for you, just to name few:
Minor results include buzzing, tingling, unbearable feelings of heat and cold, losing feeling of any borders, losing feeling of one's own body.
Some major results are: Clairvoyance or OOBE experience.

How does the full meditation work?

Full meditation is a process consisted of couple of steps, gradually building energies, changing mindset and reducing one's mundane senses in regard to allow the practitioner to fully concentrate on more subtle experiences.

Fragment #1: Comfort

First important fragment, unfortunately being omitted, a lot. When your body feels some pain or stiffness, this feeling is projected into your mind, causing mental chatter and reducing effects of another fragments of meditation.

First of all, you should take comfortable position, any position where you can sit/lay a couple of hours without problems and nothing bothers you is fine enough.

As next step you should relax your body. Best way is to focus on specific body part with intention to relax it and when this part is completely relaxed, then move on the next one, till your whole body is relaxed.

It is also a good thing to do some stretching exercise before you start with body relaxation, you will be able to relax your muscles with greater ease and more oxygen will get to your blood, as well.

Note: During this fragment, it is pretty common that flashes will start appearing in the front of your eyes, being it either scenes or simply some color filling your whole field of vision and then slowly vanishing in the center. This is pretty common and you don't need to worry about it. Actually this can happen at any point of the meditation, so it is good to know it is nothing wrong.
Another common effects are: tingling, vibrating, itching. Especially itching of the nose is very annoying, but you shouldn't move during the whole meditation, simple way how to get rid of itching focusing on the itching part and direct your breath there, feel your breath, feel how it fills your lungs, direct this feeling to the part with each breath-in and directs it out of your mouth during your breath-out.
It can also happen that you will astrally project during this fragment.

Fragment #2: Mental relaxation

 Our body is relaxed and as next step, our mind should be relaxed, as well. During this fragment you should get to the point when no new mental chatter appears, this is preparation for the void mind (mind vacancy).
You should inhale and exhale slowly and deeply, still the whole process should be natural, make sure each inhale and exhale takes about the same time.
Slowly focus on your breath, feel how it fills your lungs, feel your lungs from inside, feel and direct the breath through your lungs from up to bottom. Breathing to the bottom of your lungs is easily accomplished when your chest stays still during the breathing, but your belly expands during inhale and gets to the original state during exhale, focus on your breath for couple of minutes.

Fragment #3: Vacancy of mind

During this fragment, you should fully stop the mental chatter in your mind, no new thoughts should be created  and your mind should be as clear as lake's surface under the Moon light. And most important of all, this state should be passive, actively non-thinking doesn't equal to void mind.

There are couple of ways how to accomplish this task. You can either actively command your mind to be quiet and then slip into passive observantion, you also can imagine two completely opposite things at the same time (black/white vision screen), you can also try to induce two completely different emotions at the same time (eg joy and sorrow). Practice this for couple of minutes.

Note: During this fragment, it can happen you will completely stop feeling any border of your body or you will even astrally project, don't worry about it and don't let your fear to destroy your experience, be completely open-minded and positive about whatever happens to you, feeling of no borders, feeling of void, feeling of your self melting, are pretty common in this stage.

Fragment #4: Concentration

In next fragment you should slip from vacancy of mind state to full concentration upon one object/event, state. For this fragment you can use symbols, candle flame, mandalas, noises, some point in your body, generally any single object. Focus and fully concentrate on the object, gaze at the object when the object is visual. You can use symbol of your religion or even a custom crafted sigil. Gaze at the symbol and let your whole mind and get devoured by it, Keep this concentration for couple of minutes.

Then slip back into vacancy of mind and then back into state of relaxation, then you can consider your meditation session complete.

Few recommendations:

For fragment #4: When you are using symbol of your religion, being it chaosphere, hexagram, pentagram, Jesus on the cross or some sort of saint's picture, be sure to put your hands above the symbol after the meditation and let the accumulated energy enter your body. You can use visualization to help this process, but choice is yours. This way you can also use Reiki symbols, by drawing accumulated energy from Reiki symbol you can then use Reiki with greater ease without official attunement. You can also use this fragment to concentrate eg on some chakra or energy center of your choice.
Visions can be induced when you concentrate on some reflective surface, being it glass, coffee's surface, black mirror or water's surface.
You can also concentrate on tarot cards to gain new understanding regarding the cards in the process.

Switching between stages: At the beginning, the switch should be as slow as possible, do what is natural to you. Later you should learn to how switch between stages more fluently but without omitting anything.

Annoying/scary noises: Very common during meditation and during astral projection are very loud noises that can easily scare you. Point is that during the meditation we are more aware and even the most silent noise in great distance can sound as being very near and very loud, some undeveloped entities can also scare you this way, don't pay any attention to it, it is not worth of your attention.

Visions: During meditation you can have visions. When some vision appears, don't focus on it actively, the vision will fade, simply keep doing whatever fragment you were at and vision will become more clear and self-explaining. Same applies to astral projection as well, don't pay any attention to the process and don't focus on vibrations when they appear.

Sleep paralysis: It can happen that your body will become too relaxed that you will actually lose ability to move the body for short period of time. This event can be reduced when you focus on some specific body part with intent to wake it up. Good method is to wake up your hand this way and use it to massage rest of your body, this way you will be fully operation-able again in no time.


I tried to make this article as descriptive and as universal as possible so no matter what you practice or you believe in, you can still use it.
Still it is possible I omitted something or didn't make it clear. Feel free to ask for clarification and I will update this article accordingly.


  1. I find that silencing the mind is pretty easy so I don't it takes months of practice for any joe or jane to get there. But at least I think this article is for guys and gals with a tight schedule.

    I'd like to add my own practice. Take 3 sets of 3 minute meditations in a row. All 3 should be focussed on physical and mental relaxation. Add in a 4th session where one calmly abides in the stillness of one's mind, making use of the calm buoyancy. Because the 3 sets escalate you to that mind state so easily, it is easy for the mind to record stillness. This makes really good practice for busy bodies.


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