Seeking enlightenment?

I have already seen this for a couple of times.
Young guy wants to study yoga, or chi kung, or whatever, and he seeks enlightenment.
There is nothing wrong with that, just that these requests usually gets flooded by articles about various yoga and chi kung exercises.

Why is that wrong? Important part of the request is "seeks enlightenment" and you don't want to learn about enlightenment from non-enlightened person same as you don't want to learn swimming from non-swimmer.

And these non-enlightened "helpers" will then take our pitiful friend and flood him with a massive list of dogmas and meaningless exercises. Will it help our friend to attain enlightenment? Of course not, they will send the list just because they do the same exercises and sub-consciously they want some sort of external verification (it's good for anyone, right?).

When person is not enlightened then you cannot await enlightenment by doing same exercises that the person does.

But dude, I do not practice long enough to be enlightened, but these things really work

Nope. Until you gain enlightenment, this is just guessing. It's a guessing during self-study and it's a guessing even when you are led by some master, till you attain enlightenment, don't try to help anyone who seeks enlightenment by burdening him with your theory.


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