Salamander Experiment: Settings and first day

I made a decision to do a salamander conjuration to test and learn new method of conjuring entities.

Key Objectives
  • Learn mirror conjuration with aid of smoke
  • Summon a fire elemental with the new method
  • Meet a friendly and loyal salamander and gain his name
After discussing the topic with HGA I chose following settings:
Slighly charged black mirror placed on the base for correct positions and incense stick placed so the smoke will be placed just in the front of the center of the mirror. Three lit candles as a source of fire, two of them being placed on the sides of the mirror and one just below the tip of the incense stick, one unlit candle just below the stick to be lit by the conjured Salamander. No other source of light in the room except those three candles.
ELUTASA word of power created for this conjuration.

The ritual
I stood in the front of the mirror and prayed to God to cleanse the room of all negativity and to watch over the ritual. Then I stated my wish for a salamander to arrive and started with incantation of the word of power. Smoke stood still and calm for a couple of minutes, then it split into two and then three pillars. I restated my wish for salamander to appear and manifest through the smoke in the front of the mirror and continued with chanting the word of power. Smoke then took a shape of a tail and part of the body (I probably own too small mirror for this conjuration).
I repeated the conjuration for a couple times before the shape became more stable. I stated my wish for salamander to light the remaining candle, a sort of light appeared on the tip of candle but it wasn't lit.
After repeating the chanting again I came closer to the smoke to touch it. It was surprisingly strong and hot, the shape was pretty stable no matter how much a moved around it.
After licensing to depart and thanking God and spirits for listening to my ritual I went to the smoke (now being more random) and touching it again, now the smoke was cold and not so solid for the touch.

HGA's hints after the ritual
My HGA told my that my evocation was successful, but it won't be enough to light the candle even after repeating the ritual for more days. I got a couple of tips, for example I should use ELTASA instead of ELUTASA (ELTASA was the original word before I modified it to simplify the pronunciation) and I also was told to create a Sigil for the word to use as a focal point for the evocation. I will make my preparations and continue with the evocation tomorrow.


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