Traditional way of working with Sigils

I decided to create an article about how to work with Sigils as originally intended by A. O. Spare.
Sigil is a result of "encrypting" a message or intent so it can get past the psychic censor and get implanted directly into our unconsciousness. Sigil can be visual or audial, hidden in picture, sound, mantra or even in a book. Sigil can also be a gesture or feeling but in this article we will focus on visual Sigils.

What is a psychic censor
Psychic censor (sometimes called Holy Guardian Angel) is a filtering mechanism attached to the communication channel between conscious and unconscious mind. This psychic censor is believed to filter all Magick related communication to assure security of the person. Desires are not the only problem, without psychic censor, your fears could manifest as well.

Theory behind Sigils
After our intent is sigilized (transformed into Sigil), we have to temporarily disable the censor. This is done be reaching altered state of consciousness called gnosis. In gnosis our thoughts are interrupted and the whole mind concentrates at one point. This state is used to focus on the Sigil, implanting it into our unconsciousness.
Then we have to make sure that the Sigil is banished from our consciousness before Psychic Censor is reactivated else our spell would be cancelled.

Requirements for basic Sigil Magick
All you need is a pen and paper. Specify your intent and write it down on the paper, this part is important for formulating what you really want.
You can use some Magickal alphabet to assure your conscious mind is not going to interrupt the process if you are going to use the same paper for the finished Sigil.

Sigilization process
After assuring our intent is what we really want we take letters of the intent and combine them into the symbol of our intent, our Sigil. Letters that are presented more than once are drawn into the Sigil just during the first occurrence.
After we are done we can keep moving, combining and reshaping letters till we are satisfied with the result.
We can also use curls, crosses, crescents, flowers and other symbols to improve the Sigil, to make the intent even more distant for our conscious mind.
If you are new to Sigils, make them more complex so it's easier for you to forget them (banish them from consciousness).
Another way of sigilization is a pictorial one. You create a picture for what you want and then you start simplifying it and reshaping till you get a Sigil. This method is also used for distant healing, you just have to create picture of the person you wish to heal, add initials of the person and some mark of the place that needs healing, symbol of a needle is usually used for such mark, then you derive a Sigil from it.
Another way of creating Sigils is automatic drawing, throwing stones on the floor, splashing paint on the wall, etc.

Reaching Gnosis
Gnosis needed for the charging is split into two categories, inhibitory and exhibitory.
Inhibitory gnosis is a result of long and deep meditation, giving you the perfect state for any spell casting.
Exhibitory gnosis is quick but hard to control, usually induced by sensory deprivation, choking, overbreathing or even drug abuse, some of these are usually contained within Death Postures.

Death Posture
Death Posture is a way of reaching Exhibitory Gnosis. Traditional one has following keypoints that should be maintained:
- Stand on your tiptoes.
- Connect your hand behind your back and stretch your body. Keep stretching your body.
- Breathe very deep but very fast.
- Have your eyes closed till you reach the point just before losing your consciousness, then open your eyes and stare at the Sigil.
- Make sure you won't hurt yourself when you are falling on the floor.

Another Death Posture
This Death Posture is used by me. You can sit when performing this one so the possibility of getting hurt in the process is significantly lowered. I found this posture in Practical Sigil Magick by Frater U.D. and I really like it.
Place a Sigil in front of yourself and close your eyes. Hold your breath and use fingers of your both hands to block your eyes, your ears and your nose. Keep holding your breath as long as you can. When you cannot hold it any longer, keep it for a while till you really can't (fun fact: you cannot choke yourself). Then open your eyes and gaze at the Sigil for a moment, even a split of a second is enough.

What to do after charging
After the Sigil is charged you should immediately banish it from your mind, experience shows that faster you do so, more potent the sigil will be.
To do so you should close your eyes, dispose of the Sigil and evoke laughter.

Disposing of the Sigil
Sigil disposal can have various formats. From burning the paper through throwing it away up to simply closing the notepad you use for Sigils.

Evocation of Laughter
This is the final piece. Just start laughing like crazy, the laugh will be forced in the beginning, but then it will become something more. Laugh is also great for your health and also a perfect spiritual protection.


  1. This method is based on the outdated assumption that the unconscious is entirely separate from the conscious, which has been disproved. The mind jumps back and forth between them constantly. I without recommend that you google Rune Soup, and look at his sigil reboot.

  2. Idea of consciousness and unconsciousness being two separate minds comes from modern misunderstanding of the distinction caused by changes in the language. Generally, unconscious is what isn't conscious, this misunderstanding doesn't really make these methods any less potent, we just like to think of us as being less retarded than people few hundreds years ago, but in fact our intelligence didn't beat theirs, we didn't change at all during the time.


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