Magickal Curriculum available

I am happy to announce that the first grade of the Magickal Curriculum is currently available on
The direct link is


  1. I'm tempted to do this but... I'm already committed by Paschal Beverly Randolph's "Volatia" technique of gazing on afterimage.

    It might help with my lack of visualization because that's the only I haven't mastered yet. I get relaxation, concentration, blah, blah... I'm tired of it! It's time for me to get down to business and finally fully "experience" the "magic" of the rituals since the rituals are useless without fully develop imagination... will too of course!

    Wish me luck... cause I'm gonna need a lot of it! I'm tired of bury my head on books! I want experience darn it!

  2. Well, then the advice is to practice :). More you read, more complicated Magick seems, just jump on the wave and let your body go with the stream :).


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