Curriculum: new grades

So, the 1st grade of the Magickal curriculum was successfully released. The work had to be done in my sparetime, usually written on the phone during bus trips. This is why it took some time to finish it and it's also the reason why I wasn't very active on the blog.

To minimize the inactive time I have chosen to work on the new grades on my blog, so you will be updated with all the new stuff and techniques I am willing to share in the curriculum.

First grade was namely about self-control, developing basic focus, concentration and all those qualities important for Magicians. There were few potent manifestation techniques, but the main topic was really a perfection of self, getting rid of stress, depressions, bad habits, bad qualities. There were few health based practices introduced and the following grades will be based on these practices.

Second grade will be mainly about my favorite topic, mesmerism. In the course you will learn how to manipulate your vital energy for the purpose of healing, self-healing, hypnosis and suggestion. You will learn how to relieve pain by occult and not-so-occult means and how to scare the sh*t out of the people.

Third grade is going to be about high Magick: evocations, invocations, etc, and namely about the core of my practice, the black mirror.
Black mirror is a pretty neat tool, maybe even the only tool that a Magician needs. It can be used for healing, causing sickness, for evocations, future prediction, etc.
In the third grade you will learn how to build, charge and use mirrors efficiently plus we will also take a look at methods how to build a clairvoyance to use the mirror.


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