2nd Grade, Week 6: Catalepsy

What is catalepsy
Catalepsy is a state of rigid, but stiff body. In this state you can position body of the subject in whatever shape you desire and this state will be kept.

This state was used a lot during hypnosis on the state, positioning subject's head and feet on the chair, the body "floated" in the air, usually also some heavy item was put on the body to show its "strength". Accordind some legends, coming from stage magic, a hypnotist would stand on the body. This is a nonsense and a very dangerous attempt that could lead into possible injury of the subject, stage magicians used well hidden support of the subject for this feat and in the most cases the subject wasn't really hypnotized, it was a paid actor.

How to induce catalepsy
You can either continue with the procedure used in inducing lethargy and in about a hour, cataleptic state will activated, the state can be verified by grabbing the hand of the subject and rising it. After you drop the hand, it will stay in the position you pot it into instead of falling down on the lap as in the case of lethargy.

To induce catalepsy faster, you will have to use a force, force subject's eyelid open with your fingers and the subject will automatically switch to the cataleptic state.

Remember, never keep your subject too long in this state, if you reach the 5 minutes limit, it will become too hard for the subject's heart to handle. Command the subject to become asleep and relaxed again to return it quickly into lethargy.


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