2nd Grade, Week 6: Somnambulism

What is a somnambulism
Somnambulism is a half-awake state of mind. In this state it is highly possible a lucidity of the subject will activate, allowing contact with spirits and clairvoyance.

Somnambulic subject appears to be fully woken up, for this reason it is very hard to differentiate from normal waking state, but without hypnotist's energy the subject will start slowly returning into the cataleptic state, for the outside observer it looks like the subject got stroke.

After the subject exits the somnambulic state, he/she doesn't remember what happened in that state, that part of the memory simply isn't accessible same as when you can't remember events just before and after an accident.

How to induce the somnambulic state
As we said previously, if you keep pumping energy into the subject, next state after catalepsy is somnambulism. During the catalepsy lecture we have said that if you force open the subject's eye, the subject will immediately get into the cataleptic state. From that state you can instantly switch the subject into the somnambulism if you blow onto the subject's aforementioned eye.

The crossroad
Command the somnambulic subject to sleep so it appears in lethargy again. There you have 2 possibilities, you can either wake up your subject and end the session or you can continue with the work, inducing next level catalepsy and next level somnambulism. A lot of times it takes at least fourth level somnambulism before lucidity appears, but remember, how many times you put your subject into trance, so many times you should put the subject into lethargy and wake it up.

As an example for the third somnambulic state you will have to command the subject to sleep, then wake it up, then put it into sleep, then wake it up and then again, induce lethargy and wake the subject up. Never quit the session before waking the subject fully up and never induce next level state without a good experience with first level states.


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