Priesthood oath

It's already 9 days since I finished the oath of priesthood so I guess I should sum up the experience.

As every year, keeping the oath of nobility, blessings and helping others was a very difficult task. During last year I received one ritual (Sacred Chamber Ritual) and one symbol (the symbol of balance).

This year I have received the same symbol, but this time it is complete, plus a concept of an initiation ritual based on the symbol and a Kabbalistic Tree of Life, but I still have to build the ritual from it. Hard to say whether this is a standalone ritual or a continuation of Sacred Chamber Ritual.

As every year I am truly happy that the oath is already behind me, keeping myself in control for a whole month is always a troublesome, but as my dear master, Papus, always said, one has to put himself into priesthood service for a month each year so for the rest of the year he can do the Great Work. People who never tried this oath before can't understand this, but basically 1/12 of the year you train your willpower, your persistence and you also attain great spiritual authority for finishing the month long greater oath.


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