Third grade: selected topics

So, this is going to be the third and final grade of the curriculum.

Hopefully I will finish it before April so then I can fully concentrate on the Armanen runes magick.

Week 1:
--black mirror creation and alternatives
--pendulum divination
--alphabet of desire
--basic format of the rituals

Week 2:
--charging the black mirror
--magickal prayer
--preparing own incantation
--eyeless evocation

Week 3:
--how to recognize a spirit's presence
--basic invocation
--dream invocation
--evocation through smoke
 Week 4:
--first scrying evocation: Anael
--magickal chain
--shadow evocation
--physical manifestation of spirits

Week 5:
--basic planetary correspondences, positives and negatives
--remembering planets and calculating planet hours
--planetary correspodences on the tree of life and implications.
--planetary intelligences


  1. First of all, thanks for great job - your curriculum is a nice read. I would compare it to roadsigns on the winding road. It can make a lot of things easier by giving plain explanation and examples. If I can suggest, for the third grade I would add the planetary energies work. Again - thanks for the good work.


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