I guess my 48 hours cycles start to be a bit boring now, so rejoy, this is a bit different.

Yesterday at 1AM I made a decision to go to sleep and avoid another needless two days day. To make sure I will be in the office on time I replaced my usual before-sleep procedures with simply "I will get up at 5AM" litany in hopes that my body is still able to be set up for the 4 hours sleep cycle I used to have while living in my oratory.

My subconsciousness translated the affirmation in its own way so today I woke up at 5:50AM (yes, it was still 5, sorta), but what's funny thanks to this I recalled the dream I had when I used this techniques a couple years ago.

Set up is as a following: there is a giant hole on the road and I am traped inside, trying to jump from obstacle to another one and trying to reach higher and higher obstacles to get out of the hole, during that my wife appears and tells me I have to wake up while I immediately wake up. Some of you might have already figured it out, but yes, I had the exactly same dream while using the exact same technique to modify my sleeping cycle and woke up in shorter amount of time than desired and with a really interesting symbology:

-hole, being trapped somewhere
-trying to reach the top, trying to escape, but escape what? The hole is symbol for the sleep itself, escaping the hole means finishing the sleep cycle
-my wife's image as an security mechanism to push me out in case I don't escape the hole in time, this is my litany in action, using only person that can influence my actions to accomplish its goal, its reason of existence.


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