3rd Grade, Week 1: Pendulum divination

What is a pendulum?
Pendulum is some object on a piece of thread, normally used to find how straight vertical surfaces are.

This object can also be used for divination, simplified procedure is that you grab the piece of thread, place the pendulum into the air, you ask questions and the pendulum swings in certain manner to give you answers.

Many people buy pendulums meant for divination, these are usually made from stones or crystals with a small chain attached to it. Trust me that you can use any object you desire as a pendulum, whether a ring on a piece of thread or a long hair. Important aspect is that the object is heavy enough to affect the thread (too light object and a human hair will hardly point down)

Charging the pendulum
To charge the pendulum to be ready for Magickal practice simply remember what you have learned about the Vital Force during previous grades. Pump the pendulum with the VF with intention to use it for divination, that's it.

You can also cast Sigils to charge it or use any other way you find suitable. Or you can omit the charging for good, after all, Magickal tools are charged by the use, as well.

Practising with the pendulum
Draw a cross on a piece of paper. On both ends of the horisontal line write NO. On the both ends of the vertical line write YES.

Grab the piece of thread of the pendulum between the index finger and thumb of of your leading hand.

Place the pendulum just above the center of thecross you have drawn.

If you are sitting, your elbow should be rested on the table.

Use your other hand to support the hand that holds the pendulum so there is no shaking that would affect it.

Command the pendulum to swing in the direction of the YES line (your hand must not move), then command it to stop, then to go in the NO direction, then stop it again.

Keep practising this till the movement is fairly visible and consistent.

Using the pendulum for divination
To use the pendulum simply place it above the YES/NO cross, let it rest and ask a yes/no question, swing of the pendulum will be your answer.
Always command the pendulum to stop between different questions so answers are't mixed and confusing.
Also if you don't like the answer don't ask again, that would be just stupid and could force the pendulum to tell you only what you want to hear instead of what you want to know.

Just a quick note: don't take pendulum too seriously (don't take any divination method too seriously), use it rather as a recommendation than some written-in-the-stone-truth.


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