Veganism not the healthiest

I have found this article from the ex-vegam so I am copying it here for further research:

I am not vegan, I like meat, but I am interested in veganism because of all health benefit claims around it.


  1. Hi , Denise Minger is part of the Paleo entourage, i believe and tried to take on Colin Campbell of the China Study Fame. The problem is that you really cannot argue with the results obtained by People like John McDougal, and Dr. Esselstyn.
    LOW FAT vegan is the key, apparently fat, especially vegetable oils not only decrease your blood flow by 31% for about six hours after eating, but clog your arteries as well.
    I read that they used to give vegetable oils to transplant patients to inhibit their immune system..Today the fatten animals up with vegetable oil rich food, and that is why they need to pump antibiotics into them.
    Oil also seems to be the culprit in many age related dementias and senility cases..
    Add t that the animal protein in milk and meat has been show to be a precursor to cancers, (china study, and a study in Perth shows it is as dangerous as smoking a pack a day)

    Either way you have to make up your own mind.-cheers!


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