Magician's name

Many of you might have heard about a Magician's name or Magickal name. Is it something important? What does it really mean?

Meaning behind the name
There is this old belief that if we know the real name of some entity, we can control it. There are many myths coming from Egypt where people found real name of their deities and forced these deities to give them immortality, so in that case a knowledge of the name meant power.
But what would be the use of one's Magickal name? Magickal name is the name of the Higher Self, that part of you responsible for Magick. Knowing the name of your Higher Self refers to the ability to control the HS. But it also has a much more pragmatic use.

Living the life
We are humans with all advantages and disadvantages of being such way. Sometimes we lie, sometimes we don't even know what we want, most of the time we have to do things we hate. Most of the time we are short-sighted about our wishes.
Try to think, what would happen if anything we wished for would instantly manifest? Individual things would be great, but most of the time the result would turn against us. For this reason we need a split between mundane and metaphysical, material and spiritual, life and Magick.
Using the Magician's name allows us to make a split between the two, giving us a better ability to control whether we wish to use Magick or not. But there are also more advantages

You are who you believe you are
Magickal name isn't just the symbol without meaning. The name refers to The Magician. The Magician is a person who knows Magick, who lives it. Magician will always know what to do, Magician will never panic, Magician will never lose the control. Name of the HS leads to the HS and for that can be used for a sort of a self/invocation. During self/invocation you temporarily obtain qualities of your ideal Magickal Self. This includes unhuman concentration, clear mind, calm reactions, amazing imagination, increased ability to visualize and also much better spiritual authority (in terms of evocations).

How to obtain your Magickal name
You can always try some order claiming they will reveal your Magickal name, but well, it's hard to find authenticity in the modern world. So you can always scry Your name for yourself. Deep meditation, affirmations before dreams or even automatic writing can help you reveal your name. You can also use the method used for creating new words in Ouranian Barbarian, scrabbles.

Simple method of self-invocation
Let's say you have already scried your Magickal name and you are preparing for a ritual. After the Sacred Chamber Ritual you are ready to go for a self/invocation, switching from your mundane to your Magickal Self. Close your eyes and repeat following words (accompanied with the best visualization you are able of):

It's the time for a switch, there is no need for a human in this operation, man's heart just stands in the path, animal mind just drags me away. It's the time to die and it's the time to be reborn.
I walk the path in the shadows of the valley of dead. There is no grass, there is no life. How dark and silent is this place.
I walk the path that leads to just one place... Sound of my steps gets thicker and thicker as I approach the Abyss. With each step my uncertainty raises, with each steps my heart cries more and more.
Choronzon sits on the edge of the Abyss, his red flaming eyes shine to the darkness that is holding my heart. He smiles, his maniacal laugh means he was waiting for me for this whole time. My heart nearly stops as I am getting closer.
There is another pair of eyes watching me, right behind the Abyss, eyes that are clean, without any emotion, with a lack of sympathy, these are not eyes of the human. I know the being staring at me, I tremble in fear of His power, I tremble in fear of His knowledge. Choronzon is just a shade, personification of Abyss. Nothing is real, just Him.
As I stand on the edge, right next to the Choronzon, I feel no fear of the demon, I am still staring at the eyes of Him, the perfection of me, [your Magickal name here].
Just one more step and the fall. It feels like I am falling for ethernity, as if there never was any beginning, as if there is no end of this madness. I keep falling and falling down the deep black hole, voices and screams deafening my ears, there is nothing to see, only the sense of falling and the tongue of insanity to be heard.
Then I stand on the edge of the Abyss, I returned back, as someone else. Those distant memories of being a human are tasteless, there is no emotion needed to know, there is no real life in the ilussion. I am not a human, anymore.
Spirits of Light and spirits of Darkness, hear my voice and do as I say. Come here to this place and do my Will. I possess the powers of Life and of Death, I control winds and fire, I am the beginning and I am the ending, everything that comes to this world comes through me. I. Am. [your Magickal name here].

There are more ways of achieving the state of mind you will have after this operation, you might also want to modify this incantation a little bit. Feel free to do so and enjoy its effects.


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