Another talk with Shazu

So, I have had another talk with Shazu to gain better understanding of our previous conversation.

So, regarding the eye of Luna, I should ask Nanna about that. Fortunately Shazu had told me I do not need to go through the gate walking ritual and had shown me a summoning mandala for that purpose, I will try to redraw it when I get home (I forgot my drawing equipment home and Shazu was quite funny about it).
Akenu: Can you show me the mandala again so I can draw it?
Shazu: you won't be able to
Akenu: Why? Oh, I didn't take the pen and book with me, right?
Shazu: Reading future from the past.

He had also told me that to get his help for divination I have to make a white tablecloth with his seal on it and before the card reading or any other system of divination to call his name and word of power.

I have also asked him how far reaching his insight into future is, to which he responded that he can see my state till the end. I asked if my future was already decided then and he said it has already happened through ancient ages (I do not remember the exact phrase he had used).

When divination of others he said it depends on my ability to connect to their soul. He also said that the soul is one of 3 animizing sources for elemental body, second one being breath of Marduk and third one the blood of Kingu.

As far as I understood the elemental body, Shazu meant the whole body, so the physical body, the mind, the emotionality and the will.


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