Eye of the moon: awakening

So, originally I didn't want to reveal this practice but I ran my mouth on the forum and people got interested. It's one of the few things I discovered early when working in my past orathory. A technique very similar to the evil eye but a bit more conventional.
But be warned, misuse of the eye of the moon leads to insanity and split personalities, so I do not hold any responsibility for you, but still, if you have any troubles, feel free to contact me any time, sooner the better.
What is evil eye
Evil eye is a spiritual ability manifested by a great amount of hatred and greed. It's part of the folklore. It usually happens when you envy your neighbour soo much that you can literally kill his farm animals just by staring at them. Evil eye usually manifests only randomly and there is no conscious control of the process.
The eye of the moon is different in that it is easily manifested consciously and has rather hypnotic than destructive effects. It also bears some sort of clairvoyant ability, but about that one later.
How to awaken the eye of the moon
For the awakening you will need a mirror big enough to see at least a reflection of your head and very clean, without any impurities. You will also need a bowl of ice freezing water. It is said that water is the gate between Astral and physical and colder the better, about the temperature of 4 degrees Celsium is good enough, hence why to add some ice. If you have a sink under the mirror in your bathroom, that,s suitable enough.
It is also a good idea to have any experience with focal meditation as it is what we will do.
Before we start we should also choose the dominant and submissive eye. Extend your arms and use your hands to form a diamond and look at some distant object through the diamond. Close one eye, if you still see the object directly, this is your dominant eye, if you see your hand or some different angle than with both of your eyes open, this is your submissive eye.
Now to the procedure
Mirror should be placed on the wall right in front of your eyes, distance of your head from the mirror should be about 1 feet (experiment with it).
Place your hands into the bowl of ice cold water and hold them there during the whole procedure.
Gaze at the submissive eye of your reflection, but not the the mirror surface, imagine the mirror is the window to the other side and you are gazing to the eye of another person, feel the plasticity of the image.
Your breathing should be slow and deep, with pauses before and after inhale, inhale and exhale should take the same amount of time and so should take the pause.
During first 20 minutes your whole field of vision should go fully white so you won't see anything at all, but keep at it, then you will see edges of your face and white will slowly vanish in the eye of the reflection. Then you will notice the eye looks very different now, pupil of your submissive eye will be as small as the tip of the needle, with very big and blurry iris, sometimes a black or golden corona appears around the eye. This is the eye of the moon, this state usually keeps up for about an hour after awakening.
Effects of the eye of moon
This eye is highly suggestive, anyone looking into it can be easily manipulated by verbal suggestions. It also holds a strange version of clairvoyance. If you look above objects or people you will see strands of energy leaving the object. If I understood it correctly, this is the spiritual version of decay and aging of materials. Same strands of energy you will also be able to see during evocations, flowing from the summoning triangle.


  1. Can you tell me more about mental manipulation and the occult? Are you on discord?


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