So, I recently got sick so I had to calm down a little in my practices, I am currently focusing more on the internal stuff.

Regarding Shazu: I did a couple of readings with him, two about possible client cases. I like how descriptive the reading gets with Shazu, he really helps to get some insight.

Unfortunately both client cases were a no-no, for one I was told the girl has to resolve her problems on her own. For the second one I originally didn't use Shazu. The case was about the dark entity possession, I checked, found no entity, and contacted the client. I told him that I found nothing but sometimes these pesky creatures are very good at hiding. I also gave him some advices based on our communication and later I got sick. Then I called Shazu to find out the reason of the sickness and I was told about this case and that I should mind my own bussiness and also a safety of my family, so there it goes...

Yeah, I also found an old occult novel I was working on so I guess I will continue on that one.


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