Communication with Shazu

I hope I remember the whole conversation as it was very interesting. Shazu himself appeared with big decorated helmet (similar as Thai deities have).

Akenu: Shazu, can you teach me to read minds of others?
Shazu: No
A: and if I do the 3 days long ritual, can you teach me then?
S: Yes
A: So I will be able to hear thoughts of others?
S: No.
A: So what can you teach me?
S: To see the future, the present, and the past, and to read the future from the past.
A: and regarding telepathy?
S: To strenghten your manipulation of others.
A: Can my eye of the moon help in this?
S: No, but eye of Luna can.
A: You mean the eye of Nanna?
S: Yes.
A: O mighty Shazu, can you bless me in the name of Enki, the lord of Magicians and Marduk, the master mage?
S: I give you my blessings
A: Thank you, o mighty spirit.

Now I am very curious what he meant by the eye of Luna, maybe a Moon on the sky? Anyone any ideas?


  1. No, but this is very interesting. Can you tell me more about the eye of the moon??


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