No sleep again

This is slowly becoming strange. Once again I am sitting in the bus heading to the office without any prior sleep.

It is very hard for me to fall asleep before 3am, I am just too energized to sleep. Even when I am going without sleep for more days and I get quite tired in the afternoon, once I get home all signs of tiredness simply disappear.

I doubt my new altar would be the reason as these problems arrived before I bought it. What I remember happening somewhat before this was an extended period of working with Necronomicon spirits. I remember that in Necronomicon spellbook (second book edited by Simon) it says that the best time for rituals is 3am for it being the most calm time when it comes to mundane or spiritual activity.

To rule out other influences I stopped drinking coffee a couple of weeks ago but this problem wasn't reduced at all, in fact I can be fully awake for days without coffee or any caffeine based drink, I also don't use much sugars (I don't sweeten my fruit teas or anything else I drink).

My original problem of my body aching and my mind being slow without sleep also disappeared after necronomicon workings. I really can't tell right now if this is the main reason for this happening, but for now it seems very likely.


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