Kind of funny

Well, a bit funny thing has happened to me a few minutes ago.

I was in garage with my wife, taking a cigarette chat. After few cigarettes I asked whether we locked the door upstairs as we have a very over-active child so it won't run outside. A following conversation was really funny

W (Wife): Yes, I had to go upstairs again so I locked the door.
A (Me): Wait, you went upstairs?
W: Yes, I had to take the jacket, I was cold
A: You mean, like now?
W: Yes, you don't remember?
A: No, I don't remember.
W: You were kinda unresponsive.
A: So wait, I was like standing at one place, gazing in open space?
W: Yes.
A: And you went away:
W: I asked you a question, then I went away, took a jacket and got back and sat down.
A: And I was still on the same place?
W: Yes.

So, ladies and gentlemen, I was thinking about Shazu at the moment and I got possessed :D. Damn, this is great :).


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