E. A. Koetting arrested

So, for now this looks like the real deal, E. A. Koetting, author of Become a Living God was arrested.
More info here: http://www.thespectrum.com/story/news/local/2014/11/18/task-force-arrests-roommates-drug-charges/19248063/


  1. Lol... A Living God on drugs with illegal gun... sad end...

    1. Here's his video about it: https://youtu.be/RyobUDIA-QM

  2. this is the kind of thing that proves magic ain't real. if it was, he'd never have gotten arrested; surely one of his spirit buddies would have warned him about it. and surely he could've used his magic to poof him self some where else, per haps to another "dimension" altogether.

    and surely a magician would have no need of drugs; she or he could simply use magic to put them selves in to an altered state of mind. and how is it people who profess to do magic never have money and have to work for a living? if I could do magic, I'd be poofing up thousand-dollar bills all over the place. actually, if I were magic, I wouldn't need money at all - any time I needed or wanted some thing, I could poof it up in an instant.

    if I was hungry, poof! - a fine banquet sitting on my table. if I was going some place fancy and needed clothing appropriate to the occasion, poof! - a brand new out fit appearing from out of no where. if I wanted a brand new car, poof! - a nice new car would appear from out of thin air.

    there is no magic. it don't exist. if it did, those passing them selves off as magicians wouldn't be living plain, ordinary lives and doing plain, ordinary things like grocery shopping, working or running errands like every other plain, ordinary person doing their plain, ordinary, every day things. and they certainly wouldn't be making their money by appearing on the internet and selling things. why would a magician have any need of selling things for money? come on, people - THINK.

    1. Sorry, but what kind of logic is that? If I were to use your thinking on anything else than a real medicine doesn't exist because else doctors would be able to cure anything or real strongmen do not exist because no one is able to lift a whole building.

      You set the physical manifestation as the only possible proof for Magick AND you used a limited examples as a general template. The same way I could say all doctors are evil because Kevorkian was killing people for money.

    2. Hahahaha, magick doesn't exisit, there is no magick - what such limiting statements! You have condemned yourself to a life of mediocrity!

      You seem to think magick is of the Disney world type where one just waves a wand and has any and every desire manifest in an instant!

      Dude, the greatest of magickians will tell you that you cannot expect magick to make up for poor preparation on the physical plane. Magick needs a vehicle, such as a business venture, gambling, investments etc.

      "if I were magic"...Dude you are. You are conscious, you are creative and you are magickal. You should investigate its possibilities, yet to expect to have something manifest in an instant, or in a "poof" as you say, contravenes the laws of nature. Magick is intended to give probabilty a hard shove in you favor, yet you have to put in the work to maximise that.

  3. He was acquitted...


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