Inconsitencies in the Qabalistic Cross

 While looking through the book The Complete Golden Dawn System by Israel Regardie, I noticed several inconsistencies in how the Qabalistic Cross is performed.

First and foremost, in one case, "Ateh" is being vibrated, and in the second "Atoh". Also, the order in which you touch the shoulders is different.

Now, the question is, which is the correct way. Here are the highlights from the book:

Volume Three

Highlight (orange) - Page 293 · Location 4617

So in making the Qabalistic Cross on your breast it is correct to touch the Forehead and say Ateh - Thou art; the Heart - Malkuth; Right Shoulder, ve-Geburah; left shoulder ve-Gedulah, and with the fingers clasped on the breast say, Le olahm, amen!

Highlight (orange) - Page 409 · Location 6526

Take a steel dagger or knife in the right hand, face East: Touch your forehead and say Atoh (thou art).

Highlight (orange) - Page 409 · Location 6527

Touch your chest and say Malkuth (the Kingdom). Touch the right shoulder and say ve-Geburah (and the Power). Touch the left shoulder and say ve-Gedulah (and the Glory). Clasp your hands in the center of the chest and say le Olahm (forever). Hold the dagger, point upwards, in clasped hands and say Amen (so be it).

Highlight (orange) - Page 447 · Location 7112

The Qabalistic Cross This magical gesture is referred to again and again throughout the whole Golden Dawn

Highlight (orange) - Page 447 · Location 7113

system. The correct way of doing this is as follows: 1. Stand upright, facing East. Imagine you are growing very tall. So tall that your head is above the clouds, while beneath your feet the Earth seems like a small globe on which you are standing. Spend a few minutes trying to achieve this piece of visualisation. The success of the whole manouevre depends on this. 2. Intone or vibrate Atoh, while touching the forehead with the forefinger of the right hand. Imagine that above you is the White Light of Kether, from which a ray descends as you proceed with the exercise. 3. Bring the hand down from the head to the middle of the chest and intone or vibrate Malkuth. Feel that the ray of Light descends all the way to the feet, not simply to the chest which you are touching. This establishes the shaft of the cross in Light. 4. Move the hand over to the left shoulder, and vibrate ve-Gedulah. While doing this, imagine that the entire shoulder is ablaze with light ready to move over to the right side to form the cross bar of Light. 5. Move the hand over to the right shoulder,

Highlight (orange) - Page 448 · Location 7124

and vibrate ve-Geburah. This will complete the cross bar, so that the entire cross is now formulated. 6. Clasp the hands over the chest, and vibrate le-Olahm Amen. As you do this, try to become acutely aware of this gigantic cross of light formulated through your entire body, now gigantic and extending high into upper space.


  1. I found the Qabbalistic Cross to be useful with the qabalistic invocation of eliphas levi in high magic book. Maybe it's my own idea but people always to look at the Cross as them standing in the tree instead of "entering the tree".

    Qof as the back(of the head) , they're putting their back on the Tree, instead of the Door(Daleth), which is the door of equilibrating the elements. I think the emphasis on it being right to left or left to right or this way or that way is that people can just work it out with levi's version first and then try the newer ones if they click with them or not.


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