Recent update - summary

Well, I guess I haven't posted anything in a while so here is a quick update:
1) I got mesmerized by idea of creating a servitor for energy accumulation (I got this idea from MrBlack, so, thank you for that).
I have created a servitor with ability to accumulate energy from elements, planets, trees, rivers, Earth's core (interesting energy), recently I ordered him to learn how to gather healing energy (funny results with that, but I will describe it later) and how to pass the energy to someone else through his symbol (haven't tried that one, yet).

Anyway, I would rate it as a good idea as opposed to what some teachers at TDS thought.

I have created a formula to remember all dreams, this formula (even with my servitor's help) is still in process of charging.
My original idea was to remember all dreams when I woke up, for now it works more like I wake up after every 2 dreams, but if you wanted to try it anyway, the formula is TAVOMAP INKHESHU INIS. Repeat it in your head till you fall asleep.

I also bought an encyclopedia of astrology (original name Dictionnaire pratique d'Astrologie) by Catherine Aubier. Very good book. Information is sorted by terms and first part of the book lists basic terms a new astrologer should know, perfect for hobbyists. It is also first book I have ever found that doesn't only talk about meaning of houses but also shows how to calculate them and put them on the zodiac chart.

Currently I am in process of development of what I call "Whistle Magick".
If you ever heard about chakra singing or something like that you will grab the concept quickly. Point is to start whistling while having some sort of intention in your mind. Intention can be something specific like healing someone who is in range to hear the whistling or something as general as having a good mood.

Advantage is that you can use this for on-street Magick where you have no time to set up a ritual or draw a sigil.


  1. cheers. i've been finding that servitor invaluable at times. right now, i've been having it collect "moon" energies for psychic boost.

  2. Well, I have a lot of work for mine, main reason is that I am lazy. I am lazy to wake up at 3am for specific planetary energy and I am lazy to stand on one place during mesmerizing because of earth energy. He also has more uses, like charging talismans, amulets, magickal items, healing, etc.

    P.S. My gf had a dream about a young black haired guy that was showing me three cards to take a look.

    I think the guy was you because, if I remember correctly, you have three servitors. Association between servitors and cards is simple, day ago I was explaining her how to use shape from MTG card for servitors.
    Only thing that didn't fit in the guy's description was that the guy was wearing a moustache.

  3. lol, i am known, sometimes, to have a moustache and/or a beard.

    surprisingly though, you're not the only one whos' mentioned me (or whatever the heck it is) frolicking around - you're now the 4th (maybe 5th) case this year i think.


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