Value of evidence: Video recordings

To put the story short, I think all of you have seen some videos proving supernatural abilities.
Telekinesis, levitation, teleportation, even ghost and alien stories.
Video from unknown source shouldn't be considered as a evidence from following reasons:
1) You don't know what set up happened before the video was taken (wires, levers, platforms, mirrors, etc)
2) You don't know what effects were applied to the video during post-processing.

Applications and effect studios like ADOBE After Effects allow user to create effects of Hollywood movie quality.
It is also possible to use tracking tool like Voodoo Tracking and export vertices to more available graphical studios like Blender. Blender itself will have integrated motion tracking system in next release of Blender 2.6x (currently a development version of the studio with this functionality can be downloaded and used till the official release hits the fan).

Example of After Effects:

Example of Blender's functionality:

Sample of possibilities:

With current technology accessible to broader public, especially in case of Blender which is free, it is possible for every individual to create effects worth of Hollywood quality. For this reason a video cannot and should not be considered as evidence of supernatural abilities.


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